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C, MC, X, Opti and 420 Sailing on the Beautiful Waters of Big Cedar Lake, West Bend, Wisconsin
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Welcome to the 420 Fleet Page

It's Summer Time

Summer Program: We will once again have a 420 sailing school this summer on Thursday mornings. Please check out the link below for registration and further information. We have also scheduled the 420 championship series for late afternoons on Sundays. You can see the most current calendar below. You can register for the 420 sailing school and championship by the links below.

We will be having a board meeting at the club at 10:00am on May 27th. All are welcome.
 For more 420 sailing information Please contact
Ed Eckert at 262-343-2396

Ed Eckert
420 Fleet Director
We are looking for more sailors to join in the 420 fleet as we have 6 boats ready to go. If you are 12 to 25 years old and looking for a fun, challenging, low hassle boat and fleet we are the place to be.

FAQ's for the 420 fleet on Cedar 2017

When do we start/end?- We plan to have "boats on the water" Mid June and wrap up the season Mid August.

Do I have to have a boat?-- NO, a few forward thinking CLYC members  arranged to have 6 boats available for the summer so that the fleet can get started.

What is the Cost?- the cost of "membership" into the 420 fleet is $100 per sailor (2017). This fee is for the rental and upkeep of the boats. We have 6 boats that are rented for the summer  from a group that believe if there are boats, kids will sail.

Do I have to sail every event?- No you do not. It would be great if you could, but we understand that you have other things to do. Points will be awarded so even if you miss a race day you could still be "in the running" for a trophy at the end of the season. However, the program fee is figuring that you will attend all Cedar Races and we are sorry there can be no proration of the fee.

What if I don't want to "drive the boat"?- Not a problem we set you as a crew for the first few events, eventually you will want to "drive" and we can add you into the "hat".

I have no or limited sailing experience. Will this be ok to get involved?- YES, YES, YES everyone has to start somewhere and we have many sailors that are willing to teach and help you out. We believe that with the variety of sailing we have planned, experience and confidence will be gained.

What do I need to join in?- A CLYC membership, a life jacket (under 18 this is worn shore to shore), shorts and possibly a change of clothes (the boats are "athletic" and getting wet will be part of the learning curve). Fleet membership fees and forms turned in, Concussion form (for sailors under age 18) filled out and returned, sun screen, sailing "outer" gear (if you want) and a great attitude.

Is there anything more than sailing involved with the 420 fleet?- YES, we have several  "land" events planned and will announce them as we get the details firmed up.

2017 Season schedule (tentative at this time)- June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16, August 6, August 13, and August 27. All races are at 5pm.